Axminster Box Comb Jointer

This is an easy to use jig for use on a router table (with upgraded pre-drilled alloy insert) to produce accurate box comb joints. Well made and safe in use the Axminster Box Comb Jointer will produce box comb joints in 6mm, 10mm & 12mm segments with its included three comb plates and matching cutters. Consisting of a sturdy “traveller” made in three parts that carries the work over the router cutter with an integral handle, and using a rigid alloy table insert with slide mounts to guide the “traveller” accurately to produce a perfect joint. Ideal for drawers where the striking symmetry of the joint will be a highlight of the work, especially where a contrasting wood is used for the drawer base. Able to cope with asymmetric components, i.e. a drawer with a front that is thicker than the other components to enable a handle to be inset or allow a moulding decoration. A box comb joint is exceptionally strong due to the enormous amount of glue surface area, and so will withstand quite heavy loads.
Also available as a kit with the alloy table insert (measuring 306 x 229mm).

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