BUILD: Hammer Rack

I needed a place to keep all my hammers etc, but I had very little room. In the end I came up with this front pull design with spring loaded gates. The gates open and close automatically when you insert or remove a tool, and the spring keeps the gate in the position you left it so its more secure when closed and stays open when empty. This design also works for pretty much any hammer or mallet so long as the handle can fit in the space allowed for by the gate.

I didn’t want to hang them on nails or pins because it would take up too much space horizontally and I couldn’t use a lift out rack because i couldn’t spare the space above the rack. I also didn’t like the idea of having specific spaces for specific hammers.

Literally everything for this build came out of the scrap bin, hence all the random sizes and dissimilar materials I started with, but it was mostly 3/4 ply and a scrap of 2×6 for the bracket, the springs were made from a strip of maple.

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