Geometry of a 3D wooden star

This project looks hard at first, but once you have the sled and practice a few, it soon becomes intuitive, and then downright easy. I would have liked to include much more content and detail into this video, because I really loved this project. You probably understand that most people tune out pretty early, and they just want to see the punch-line. For this reason, I try to streamline videos to their most essential and relevant information. I hope that I didn’t leave out too much in this case, because let’s be honest, this one was difficult. It looks easy enough in the finished vid, but there was NO information on the interweb for this one; I had to develop this method entirely by my own tired and stressed brain. Please try to appreciate how difficult this video was to make- I spent a week of my spare time doing star-related geometry and trigonometry in order to come up with a somewhat simple solution to this problem. I included only what I thought were the things that I would’ve loved to find when I first googled “how to make a wooden star.”
Anyhow, I’m done complaining. I promise that I will be making tons of vids starting early this summer. I have way more ideas than I do time presently. Please try to enjoy this one in the meantime, and as always, thank you for your time.

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