Wooden Beer Mug- The Making Of

GSW Mugs are made of carefully chosen wood of very high quality, combined and toughened with stainless steel hoops, rivets, and handles. Every part of mug is hand crafted, carefully combined together in one solid piece, and coated with acrylic polymer. Mug is extremly tough and durable, medieval design, keeps beverages cooler/warmer for 2-3 degrese C in period of 45 minutes. Easy to clean (hand wash, dish washer etc), almost no maintance at all. Mugs provide very warm, pleasant, avanturistic, some would say, fantasy feeling. Perfect for gamers, bars, gatherings, gifts etc.


– Body: High quality wood, aged and dried over 40 years. Variants:
– Wallnut
– Oak
– Mahogany (limited edition)
– Hoops: Stainless steel, grade AISI 420
– Rivets: Stainless Steel, grade AISI 302
– Handles: Few variants available:
-Round, Stainless steel, grade AISI 420

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